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myIAKI // what keeps you happy? How do you maintain happiness?

The idea of God makes me happy. Understanding that if life gets crappy, "don't blame me! Blame God excuse" gives me so much relief. But only as long as i make an effort to try to act on God's will. I'll continue to get myself prepared and ready to meet God/Universe/HigherSelf or whatever you call it #facts 🙇‍♂️


Some people have this bad taste about the word GOD. Maybe god is the one who put that paddle in your mother’s hand and used it to beat your bottom 🍑. Or maybe old religion translated by a human written book turned you off cause of all the imperfect humans misrepresenting the reading, spirituality and love. The thing about God is that it’s all love. GOD is LOVE, God is all loving. So if someone comes at you for breaking gods rules and it’s not out of love, then I have a hard time believing them. Only God can judge me right? And to be honest he already knows my process, my journey, my short comings. He planned it! We all go thru what we go thru to be a better human.


We know in our heart if our actions are godly, or aligned with gods will. We immediately feel the guilt when we do something we know we shouldn’t do. God knows we are imperfect. That’s the difference between us humans and God. Although we have god in us, God made us this way so we could choose, and hopefully learn to choose right.


God could be anything even the universe. God doesn’t have to be confined. God needs to be bigger than what our human minds can comprehend. People pray to the sky praising Jesus.. how do you know Jesus’ real name isn’t Universe? I mean they look the same. They both look like empty air space to me. And to be honest, who was Jesus talking to when he was on the cross and said, “ why have you forsaken me?” I want that god! Jesus’ employer or superior to say. I think somewhere they call him father, Holy Spirit or universe or something?! Idk I call him G. I have a God of my understanding. And tbh my god is so humbled and non-egotistical because he doesn’t need to be the only God. He’s actually laughing and saying, “Jordan who cares if they call me Buddha, Jesus or Universe. If they feed love. That’s me! Just let them use whatever source of power greater than themselves to find me. I don’t need an ego boost. I don’t need a label or a trophy. I just want them to feed me, which is love.”


God could even be your higher self. Imagine how wise you’ve become from when you were 5yrs old up until you were 18. That’s only 13 years and much growth and maturity. Now imagine 20years of growth and wisdom. Imagine 200 years, 2000years or 2 million years of growth and wisdom.. but the thing is it’s infinite and never ending. Let’s just label your highest self, God. So I can’t disagree with that idea.. God is really a concept to me. All mighty, all powerful, all loving. And I really don’t think my minimal human mind can grasp the concept of what god really is. But I do know how he wants me to be.


And before all my Christian homies knock me down. Just know that I do choose to follow Jesus. And that’s because of Jesus’s actions. He wasn’t judgmental. He was forgiving, and he accepted, loved, welcomed and helped everyone including the homeless, the prostitutes and probably the drug addicts. He’s the closest thing my human brain can conceive of all loving and forgiving. And that is what I commend. For example Kobe Bryant was my favorite basketball player, but I knew he was so good because of his mamba mentality. The problem is, I don’t know what Mamba mentality looks like? I can’t imagine it doing a jump shot or crossover. So that’s why I use Kobe. Same thing for God. Idk if he has a million tentacles and a billion eyes, or if he looks human. So for now I’ll just use his hippie son Jesus as a reference. But when I meet you, I hope you understand I thought he was you. Haven’t met a human as godly as Jesus. I don’t judge him based on someones else’s perception of him. Those people probably mis interpreted something in the reading. The Bible was pushed and marketed by the Roman government media. And if you are like me, I find it hard to fully trust the government and media. But to be fair you won’t get the exact same perception of me from my mom or the guy who I stole $100 from in high school. They both have their interpretations of me. I get it. But like I’ve learned from Jesus, It’s about your current action, your willingness to align your will with “God’s will”. It’s always progress not perfection. We have to learn to choose to feed the light and the love within us rather than the darkness in us on a daily basis. And that takes work and a lot of action. Spirituality is like a muscle that we have to exercise. If we don’t stay spiritually fit, hang out with the wrong people, and practice bad habits, what do you think will happen? Because remember, we aren’t perfect, we aren’t 100% made of light and love like God is.


Just my thought. I get into these weird deep thought processes with myself. And my options this morning was to either write another rap or preach this lol. I’m weird I know. But ultimately my purpose is to love gods creatures and prepare myself for him. That’s all. Everything else is supplemental. Even takes the back seat. I could careless if he takes it away or not. It’s not mine. I was just using it for extra credit for when I meet him. Like yo, G, I tried to collab human’s misguided desire for materialistic things with your message of love and positivity because we humans are going to wear clothing regardless so might as well mean something. And hopefully be the spark that awakens them. But I’m sure he already knows my intentions. 🤷‍♂️ 🙏😇

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As long as you keep going and doing what’s right and what’s your passion you will continue to be a hard working and happy individual !!


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