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myIAKI // about IAKI

Let’s do this together 🤝

We all know at least one person who’s been through depression, anxiety attacks or some other sort of mental illness. Thankfully some make it out alive, but some don’t 😢. Mental wellness needs to be a priority! When I realized mental fitness was more impactful to me than my physical fitness, I knew this needed to be brought to the forefront. What if there’s people like me? Cause my life is not all unicorns and rainbows. Maybe if we talk about it more, more people will come out of the woodwork and join me and relate. But how do you make weakness look cool or accepted in today’s society? Idk I’m still figuring it out. TBH I don’t think it’s weakness anymore. I find strength in first accepting a problem, so that I can find a solution. And if I have enough solution, then I’ll be strong enough to deal with anything that comes my way. That comes from experience. But let’s figure it out together. 🤝 


The meaning of IAKI:

IAKI /eye-kai/ : "the desire to be happy and to create happiness for others" in Kabalarian Philosophy.

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