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24 years old living in LA and finally finding my authentic self. I spent the last 6 years of my adult life in finance, working for every big firm you could think of - Wells Fargo, Comerica, JP Morgan, the list goes on. You know what I learned during those years? What true misery is. You know what else I learned? You may not love what you’re doing but in that very concept.. you just got a few steps closer to finding out what you do love. I learned I wasn’t destined for a 9-5. I also learned how bold you’ve got to be to up and quit your steady investment banking job with no plan and hardly any savings. That bold move is exactly what I did in April 2019. I spent the next year going through inner turmoil that seemed insurmountable at the time. During the year following that choice, I found my best friend and my obsession for fitness.


The love of my life that I had been manifesting & asking the universe for.. finally found his way to me exactly 12 months after I made the decision to follow my dreams. To create happiness for others means to relinquish the need to control outcomes and give the people you love (and even the ones you don’t love so much) the best of you. And to continue to invite yourself every morning to be a better version of yourself. To have gratitude for everything in your life. That includes the hardships as well. Because that’s where the secret sauce hides.


In those tough times where you think you might not make it, you find out what you’re really made of. So cheers to everything I’ve learned and experienced. And a special thanks to my love who has taught me so much about what life has to offer. Creating happiness for others starts with gratitude and I am forever grateful for every single day.

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What is happiness to me? Easy, it is my “why.” Why do I do the things I do? Why do I make the decisions I make? Every decision I make is directly dictated by my “why”. Her name, my “why”, is MJ. She blessed me with her presence in February of 2020 and gave me the gift of being a father. SHE is what keeps me happy!

JC Cartwright

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