myIAKI // by ERIKA F

So it occurred to me a while ago that we are all in search of this thing called happiness, I think for me I felt like it was going to be a destination. Like once I got that car or that job or once my business picked up, and don’t even get me started about the stuff! Oh man if I could just get the purse or the Range Rover. And once I began to give up on trying to buy, smoke or drink myself into this place of escape, I realized I was stuck with me. And worse than that I wasn’t sure who me was. I know I saw people hiking on Instagram so maybe that’s me , then I remember women reaffirming being beautiful, that has to be me right?


Well the more I tried the more confused I became. But then things started to shift. I started to take interest in other people, I started to travel, I started to spend time with God and praying then meditation, then I started roller skating again. I went to Costa Rica and did a desire map. I found out things like ,when am I the happiest? and what am I doing ,and who Am I with? So many questions I never thought to ask. So I’ve decided to choose to pursue happiness daily in the most simple things like waking up and thinking of three things I am grateful for or trying to constantly be connected to others.


Happiness to me has always been through connection and the joy that comes from loving myself so that I can love my life and others. Also most importantly I can be happy and find Happiness in every situation it’s not connected to my feelings. It’s true Joy and bliss. happiness for me today is in trusting God and cleaning house. Once again happiness for me was always about connection.

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