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IAKI Story

IAKI is a community-built streetwear brand and media platform with a focus on “People over Product.” Our mission is to provide the best modern day apparel, support the preservation of creativity, and inspire a global movement of living happy, joyous, and fresh!


IAKI was founded by Jordan Saceda in 2010 out of his garage in Alaska. Jordan began creating with the intention of steering the fashion movement in a direction of love, acceptance, and community. What started as a hobby, has now become a rapidly growing movement. However, this journey has not been without its trials and tribulations.


Shortly after Jordan began creating, he fell victim to mental health issues seen in many young people today. He struggled with addiction for many years, and lost sight of his true passion, to change the world one article of clothing at a time.


After making his way to California, Jordan had the realization that his problems were not born of his environment, but within himself. He was then able to recognize that if he had the power to give in to his struggles, he also had the power to climb his way out, and to take others with him on a journey to personal and communal freedom.


Thus, IAKI has evolved into what it is today. The term “IAKI” comes from Kabalarian philosophy and means “the desire to be happy and create happiness for others.” Ironically, along Jordan’s journey to freedom, he noticed that the more he gave to others without expectation, and the more dedicated he was to making the world a better and happier place, the more happiness he felt within himself. He was able to make the Kabalarian term, “IAKI” come to life by using the brand to create a community of individuals with similar struggles, always finding ways to include them in his ventures.


In Jordan’s words, it was necessary for him to hit such a low point in his life to now live with honor and dignity and share with others what he has found. His creation, IAKI, is not just a brand, it’s a lifestyle of love, freedom, happiness and community.


We wear IAKI clothing for the same reason we wear any other brand, because it makes us feel good. But this good feeling doesn’t come from a place of having something someone else doesn’t, it comes from a place of having found something beautiful and wanting to share it with the world. At our core, we believe that love and happiness creates an indelible bond which connects everyone, and inspires others to focus on what they can offer, rather than what they can receive, so that their example and influence can be passed down to the next generation.


So come vibe with us and tap into what we have found. IAKI brand has the power to change your perspective, priorities, and most importantly, your life.

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IAKI is a California, USA based father/daughter owned and operated business with roots in Alaska. We aim to give back to the community and create love wherever it is most needed. Our priority is to be of service without expectation and to set a good example to our youth, encouraging them to find their internal talents and artistry and use this to make a positive influence on the world.